Access Method List (VBA)

Access Function          Access Function (VBA) Access Object Property (VBA)

This page lists all Access Method for VBA that have been explained in this website.

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DAO Method

Method Description
OpenQuery Run Query
QueryDef Create Query


DoCmd Method

Method Description
OpenForm Open Access Form
OutputTo Export Access Objects
RunSQL Run action queries
SendObject Send email in Access VBA


Import files or export Access Objects


Import and export Access Objects to text file


Dictionary Method

Method Description
Add Add Item to Dictionary
Count Count number of Item in Dictionary
Exists Check if Item already exists in Dictionary
Items Return all Items in Dictionary
Keys Return all Keys in Dictionary
Remove Remove an Item in Dictionary
RemoveAll Remove all Item in Dictionary


FileSystemObject Method

Method Description
CopyFile Copy a file to another location
CopyFolder Copy a folder to another location
CreateFolder Create a folder in a location
DeleteFile Delete a file in a location
DeleteFolder Delete a folder in a location
FileExists Check if a file exists in a location
FolderExists Check if a folder exists in a location
GetFile Return file Object
GetFileName Return the name of file
GetFolder Return folder Object
GetParentFolderName Return the name of the parent folder of the last component in a specified path
GetSpecialFolder Return the special folder object specified
MoveFile Move a file to another location
MoveFolder Move a folder to another location