MS Project delete Summary Task without deleting subtasks

This MS Project tutorial explains how to delete Summary Task without deleting subtasks in Microsoft Project.

Microsoft Project delete Summary Task

Suppose we have created a Summary Task for Task 1 to 3.


If we decide to delete the Summary Task, highlight row 1, then press keyboard Delete button.

You would receive a warning message that deleting Summary Task will also delete all subtasks.


If we click OK, task 1 to task 3 will be deleted.

However, sometimes we want to only delete Summary Task grouping but not the subtasks, we need a workaround to do that.

Delete Summary Task without deleting subtasks

In order to delete Summary Task without deleting subtasks, highlight Task 1 to 3, then navigate to tab Task > Outdent Task   (note that Indent Task button on the right is to create Summary Task, now we want to reverse the indentation)


Now the Summary Task (row 1)  and subtasks 1 to 3 are on the same level.


Now you can highlight row 1, and then press keyboard Delete button to delete the Summary Task.


Summary Task grouping is removed.


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