Excel Object Property List (VBA)

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This page lists all Excel Property for VBA that have been explained in http://Access-Excel.tips.

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Range Property

Property Description
AskToUpdateLinks Get or set whether to pop up automatic update external data message
Formula Set / Get Formula from a cell
FormulaR1C1 Set / retrieve formula for a cell using relative row and column
Offset Return the Range object away from a specific range
UsedRange A Range area that has been used in the worksheet


Application Property

Property Description
Calculation Change Workbook Calculation mode to Automatic / Semiautomatic / Manual
WorksheetFunction Use Worksheet Function in VBA


Dictionary Property

Property Description
Item Modify an Item in Dictionary
Key Rename a Key of Dictionary


Names Property

Property Description
Comment Return the Comment of Named Range
Delete Delete Named Range
Name Return Name string of the Named Range
RefersTo Return the formula that the Named Range refers to
RefersToRange Return the Range object that the Named Range refers to
Value Return the the formula string that the Named Range refers to


Other Property

Property Description
ColorIndex A custom Function to look for the first colored Cell
RGB Set RGB Color for Cell or Shape