Excel COUNT Function

What does Excel COUNT Function do?

Excel COUNT function is used to count how many “number” in the specified range. Note that “number” in text format (with the green triangle on the top left) is not counted.

It can be used to count non-empty cells in a column that contains number.

You can also read the below article that explains COUNTA Function, which counts non-empty values regardless of numeric or text.

Excel worksheet COUNTA Function

Syntax of Excel COUNT Function

=COUNT(value1, value2, value3...)

where value can be a range contains multiple cells, or simply a single value. COUNT function accepts 30 parameters (arguments) at most.


In column A of the below table, it contains number, text and “number in text format” (in green triangle).


Note that “number in text format” (A2) does not count, empty cells (A9:A10) do not count, letters (A3, A4, A7) do not count.

Example Formula Result Explanation
1 =COUNT(A1:A10) 3 There are 3 numbers in the range
2 =COUNT(A1:A10,”a”,5) 4 Count in example 1 plus number “4”

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