Excel VLookup different format (a mix of text and number)

This Excel tutorial explains how to Vlookup different format (a mix of text and number).

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Issue with VLookup different format (a mix of text and number)

VLookup different format 01

Sometimes your data source table may contain a mix of text and number, let’s say Employee ID in column A.

In the Lookup table, when your lookup value (column D) are all number, you will fail to lookup the text values in column A.


VLookup different format 02

Similarly, when your lookup value in column D are all text, you will fail to lookup the number in column A.


VLookup different format 03

The last case is that the Employee ID in column D are already a mix of number and text.


Solution of VLookup different format (a mix of text and number)

In order to vlookup different format, the first step is to try to lookup the original value as you normally do.

In Cell E3, type the below formula


We have the below result with 3 #N/A

VLookup different format 04


To fix the #N/A, use IFERROR Function to capture the #N/A cases. We try to convert column A number to text to see if we can vlookup more cases. To do the conversion trick, use &”” after the cell

Update the below formula in D2.


Now we get the result with only one #N/A left.

VLookup different format 05


To deal with the last #N/A due to type mismatch, we convert D4 from text to number by multiplying D2 with a dummy value 1.

Now update D2 again with one additional IFERROR.


We successfully all values with no #N/A.

VLookup different format 06

An alternative would be using Value Function to convert text to number as below.



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