Access Excel VBA day month year difference between two dates

This Access Excel tutorial explains how to find complete year difference, month difference and date difference between two dates.

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Access Excel VBA difference between two dates (year difference, month difference, day difference)

In Excel worksheet, there is a Function called DateDif that can calculate difference between two dates in complete year, month or day.

In VBA, there is no DateDif Function. There is a similar Function, DateDiff, which is used to calculate date difference but it does not consider the whole date in the calculation. For example, if you want to find the year difference, the Function extracts only the year to calculate difference between two years, ignoring month and day.

Fortunately, you can still access DateDif in Excel VBA through Application.Worksheetfunction Property

Application.Worksheetfunction.DateDif(st_date, ed_date)

The purpose for this topic is that:

1) Recreate DateDif Function for Access, Access VBA, Excel VBA

2) Count the end date in the calculation of difference

VBA Code –  difference between two dates

Public Function wDateDif(stDt, edDt, interval)
    tempdt = stDt
    Select Case interval
    Case "Y"
        Do While edDt >= DateAdd("yyyy", 1, tempdt) - 1
            tempdt = DateAdd("yyyy", 1, tempdt)
            counter = counter + 1
    Case "M"
        Do While edDt >= DateAdd("m", 1, tempdt) - 1
            tempdt = DateAdd("m", 1, tempdt)
            counter = counter + 1
    Case "D"
        counter = edDt - stDt + 1
    End Select
    wDateDif = counter
End Function

Syntax –  difference between two dates

wDateDif(stDt, edDt, interval)
stDt Begin date
edDt End Date
interval “Y” – complete year difference
“M” – complete month difference
“D” – complete year difference

Example-  difference between two dates


Formula of C2: =wdatedif(A2,B2,”Y”)

Formula of D2: =wdatedif(A2,B2,”M”)

Formula of E2: =wdatedif(A2,B2,”D”)

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