Access Report Section Property

This Access tutorial explains how to use Access Report Section Property to control Report Section such as Page Header, Footer.

Access Report Section Property

In Access Report VBA, you can directly access the Controls in the Report, it is also possible to access the Report Sections using Report Section Property, such as Page Header, Group Header, Page Footer, etc. This is especially useful to hide the whole Section.

Syntax of Report Section Property

Index Constant Description
0 acDetail Report detail section
1 acHeader Report header section
2 acFooter Report footer section
3 acPageHeader Report page header section
4 acPageFooter Report page footer section
5 acGroupLevel1Header Group-level 1 header section
6 acGroupLevel1Footer Group-level 1 footer section
7 acGroupLevel2Header Group-level 2 header section
8 acGroupLevel2Footer Group-level 2 footer section

Example of Access Report Section Property

To hide Group Header Section in an Event

Me.Section(5).Visible = False

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