Auto Open Excel with Windows Task Scheduler

Auto Open Excel with Windows Task Scheduler

Windows Task Scheduler allows you to trigger an event in Windows when specific criteria is met. In this tutorial, I will not detail what you can do with Task Scheduler (since there are too many features), instead I will focus on how you can auto open Excel with Windows Task Scheduler.

Since I am using Chinese Windows but I want to write this article in English, all the screenshots are copied from the below website.

Windows Task Scheduler

Task: In the following example, our task is to run an Excel file everyday.

Step 1) Navigate to Windows Logo in the Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Task Scheduler

Task Scheduler (Step 1 - Start)

Step 2) Click on “Create Basic Tasks” under “Actions” on the right menu.

Task Scheduler (Step 2b - Opened)

Step 3) Enter a Name and Description for your task (optional). Lets say the task is called “My Task”, then click on the Next button.

Task Scheduler (Step 3a - Create basic task)

Step 4) Select the frequency of your task. Select “Daily”.

Task Scheduler (Step 3b - Create basic task - trigger)

Step 5) Select “Start a program”

Task Scheduler (Step 3d - Create basic task - action)

Step 6) Select the Excel file your want to start

Task Scheduler (Step 3e - Create basic task - select program)

Step 7) Click “Finish” button to complete. You can afterward modify the task.

Task Scheduler (Step 3f - Create basic task - review task)

Run Macro automatically in Excel

Now the Excel will open everyday automatically, but opening it is not your ultimate goal, you may want to also run Macro whenever it opens.

1) Open the Excel, press ALT+11 to enter VBE (Visual Basic Editor)

2) Double click on ThisWorkbook > select Workbook > Select Open


3) Insert your code between Private Sub and End Sub. Now the code will automatically run whenever workbook is opened.

To know more about how to run Macro automatically, click here.


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