Change font color and format in Visual Basics Editor VBE

This tutorial explains how to change font color and formats in Visual Basics Editor (VBE) to make your VBA code more readable. This article is suitable for Excel and Access.

Change the VBE font color and format, why?

Depending on the color and brightness setting of your monitor, the default font color in VBE (Visual Basic Editor) is not always easy to read. It is possible to change the VBE font color and format, for different types of codes, such as comment, syntax error, identifier, etc.


How to change the font color in VBE

Step 1

Enter VBE by pressing Alt+F11

Then click on Tools > Options > Editor Format

Step 2

Select Code Colors for each type of code


Result of change font color in Visual Basic Editor

Now you can see font color in Visual Basic Editor is changed, the error code has back color in red, it is now much easier to read.


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