Excel install Analysis Toolpak Add-Ins

This Excel tutorial demonstrates how to install Analysis Toolpak.

What is Analysis Toolpak Add-Ins

Excel Analysis Tookpak is an Add-Ins that adds additional analysis functions (such as statistics and engineering functions) to Excel. You have to install the Analysis Toolpak in order to use the functions.

Note that if you use the Add-Ins function but the receiver of the file has not installed the Toolpak, the receiver will still be able to see the generated result but the function will fail when refreshed.

Install Analysis Toolpak Add-Ins

Different versions of Excel have slightly different procedures to install Analysis Toolpak. The below example shows how to do that in Excel 2013.

Click the below link if you are using Excel 2010



Click the File Tab > Options

Excel Analysis Tookpak 02


Select Customize Ribbon > check the Developer check box > OK

Excel Analysis Tookpak 01


Click on the DEVELOPER tab > Add-Ins

Excel Analysis Tookpak 03


Check the Analysis ToolPak check box > OK

Excel Analysis Tookpak 04


Now you can find the Data Analysis button under Data tab.

Excel Analysis Tookpak 05


You may refer to the below link for a brief introduction of the Data Analysis functions



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