Excel MOD Function to get remainder

This Excel tutorial explains how to use Excel MOD Function to get remainder in division.

Excel MOD Function to get remainder

In Excel worksheet, you can calculate quotient by a division using operator / .  However chances are you need to calculate the quotient as well as reminder. Excel MOD Function calculate the remainder.

Syntax of Excel MOD Function

MOD(number, divisor)
Number The number for which you want to find the remainder
Divisor The number by which you want to divide number

Example of Excel MOD Function

Formula Result Explanation
=MOD(10,3) 1 Remainder of 10/3 = 1
=MOD(-10,3) 2 Note that negative number does not work as expected because of how the function handles negative number
=MOD(ABS(-10),3) 1 To handle negative number, use ABS Function on the negative number before using MOD Function

You can get the quotient using INT Function.

For example

Formula Result
=INT(10/3) 3


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