Excel Round Function

This tutorial explains how to use Excel Round Function

Excel Round Function

There are several kinds of Rounding in Excel – Round, Round up, Round down, Mround,  plus Banker’s Rounding in VBA.

Excel Round Function is the most commonly used round, it uses “round half to up” logic, round up if the decimal part >=0.5, round down if decimal part <0.5

Syntax of Excel Round Function

ROUND( number, digits )
number The number you want to apply rounding
digits An integer that indicate the digit you want to round, can be positive or negative

Example of Excel Round Function

Number Formula Result
0.1 =ROUND(A2,0) 0
0.2 =ROUND(A3,0) 0
0.3 =ROUND(A4,0) 0
0.4 =ROUND(A5,0) 0
0.5 =ROUND(A6,0) 1
0.6 =ROUND(A7,0) 1
0.7 =ROUND(A8,0) 1
0.8 =ROUND(A9,0) 1
0.9 =ROUND(A10,0) 1
1 =ROUND(A11,0) 1
-1.1 =ROUND(A12,0) -1
-1.2 =ROUND(A13,0) -1
-1.3 =ROUND(A14,0) -1
-1.4 =ROUND(A15,0) -1
-1.5 =ROUND(A16,0) -2
-1.6 =ROUND(A17,0) -2

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