Excel Shortcut key and function

This Excel tutorial summarizes a list of Excel shortcut key as well as Windows short cut key which are applicable to Excel.

Excel Shortcut key

Below is a table that summarizes most Excel shortcut key. I referred to the Microsoft website for the Excel shortcut key, removed some unimportant Excel shortcut key, and then combined with some Windows short cut key that are also applicable in Excel and finally reordered and changed description of each shortcut key.

Some keys do not work in older version of Excel, as each Excel version adds additional shortcut key, but the majority would work.

Excel Short key Description
CTRL+A Select all
CTRL+B Bold text
CTRL+D Copy value of the above cell and paste to current cell
CTRL+F Open “Find and Replace” box
CTRL+G Open “Goto” box
CTRL+H Open “Find and Replace” box and choose “Replace” tab
CTRL+I Italic text
CTRL+K Open “Insert Hyperlink” box
CTRL+N Create a new workbook
CTRL+O Open “Open” box
CTRL+P Open Print box
CTRL+R Copy formula on the left cell
CTRL+T Open “Create Table” box
CTRL+U Underline text
CTRL+V Paste
CTRL+W Close current workbook
CTRL+Y Redo (can be used after Undo)
CTRL+0 Hide current column
CTRL+1 Open “Format Cell” box
CTRL+2 Apply or cancel bold text
CTRL+3 Apply or cancel italic text
CTRL+4 Apply or cancel underline text
CTRL+5 Apply or cancel Strike through a text
CTRL+8 Show or Hide Outline
CTRL+9 Hide current row
CTRL+F2 Print Preview
CTRL+F4 Close current workbook
CTRL+F10 Maximize active Excel windows or revert to the previous size
CTRL+ESC Same as pressing Windows button
CTRL+END Go to the lsat cell of active worksheet (last used row and last used column)
CTRL+HOME Go to the first cell of active worksheet (A1)
CTRL+TAB Activate another opened workbook
CTRL+PageUp Go to next worksheet
CTRL+PageDown Go to previous worksheet
CTRL+ENTER Two functions
1) select multiple cells, enter a formula, press CTRL+ENTER to autofill formula for all other cells
2) when editing a cell, press CTRL+ENTER will exit editing and stay focus in the editing cell
CTRL+SPACE Select entire column
CTRL+SHIFT Switch Input Method
CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER when editing a cell, convert a formula to an array { }
CTRL+SHIFT+END Select from current cell up to the last cell ( the last used column and row)
CTRL+SHIFT+HOME Select from current cell up to the first cell (A1)
CTRL+SHIFT+PageDown Select current and next worksheets
CTRL+SHIFT+PageUp Select current and previous worksheets
CTRL+mouse left click Select cells
CTRL+↑ Go to the nearest non-empty cell above
CTRL+↓ Go to the nearest non-empty cell below
CTRL+← Go to the nearest non-empty cell on the left
CTRL+→ Go to the nearest non-empty cell on the right
CTRL+SHIFT+↑ Extend selection to the cells above until it meets an empty cell
CTRL+SHIFT+↓ Extend selection to the cells below until it meets an empty cell
CTRL+SHIFT+← Extend selection to the cells on the left until it meets an empty cell
CTRL+SHIFT+→ Extend selection to the cells on the right until it meets an empty cell
ALT+F4 Quit Program
ALT+F8 Open Macro box
ALT+F11 Enter into Visual Basic Envorinment
ALT+TAB Activate another program
ALT+ENTER When editing a cell, insert line break (Carriage return)
ALT+PageDown Move cell to next column screen
ALT+PageUp Move cell to previous column screen
ALT+SHIFT+F1 Insert new worksheet
ALT+↓ Open Dropdown menu to select suggested value
ALT+SPACE+C Close application
ALT+SPACE+N Minimize application
ALT+SPACE+X Maximize application
SHIFT+F2 Insert or modify comment
SHIFT+F3 Open Insert Function box
SHIFT+F11 Insert a new worksheet
SHIFT+SPACE Select entire row
SHIFT+ENTER Go to the above cell
SHIFT+↑ Extend selection to the cell above
SHIFT+↓ Extend selection to the cell below
SHIFT+← Extend selection to the cell on the left
SHIFT+→ Extend selection to the cell on the right

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