Excel Access VBA extract percentage from text

This Excel / Access tutorial explains how to extract percentage from text.

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Excel Access VBA extract percentage from text

Recently I got a report that contains percentage but it is mixed with other text. For example,

Salary increased by 10%

We are unable to do any calculation unless we extract the 10% or 10 out from the text.

There are different ways to extract the number out from the text but I try to do it in custom Function because it can also be used in Access.

VBA Function – extract percentage from text

Public Function wExtractPercent(sInput) As Double

    If IsNumeric(sInput) Then
        wExtractPercent = sInput
        end_position = InStr(sInput, "%")
        For i = end_position To 1 Step -1
            If Mid(sInput, i, 1) = " " Then
                start_position = i
                Exit For
            End If
        If start_position = 0 Then
            wExtractPercent = Left(sInput, end_position - 1) / 100
            wExtractPercent = Mid(sInput, start_position, end_position - start_position) / 100
        End If
    End If

End Function

Explanation of VBA Function – extract percentage from text

First of all, the Function checks if the argument is a Text or a Number. If it is a Number, return the argument as is because nothing needs to be extracted.

If the argument is a Text, locate the position of % within the text using Instr Function, then loop backward from that position to 1 until a space is found, because I assume a space is separating the percentage. Finally we can extract the substring from the space position up to the % position.

If no space can be found (i=0), then we know the percentage starts from the first position, we just need to use Left Function to get the percentage.

Instead of extracting a number with % in the suffix, I extract the percentage in decimal value because % is just a matter of formatting and the underlying value is always a decimal.

Below are some examples of the Function

Text Formula Result
AA 5% dd =wExtractPercent(A2) 0.05
AAA   6.55% dd =wExtractPercent(A3) 0.0655
AAAA 17% =wExtractPercent(A4) 0.17
8% dd =wExtractPercent(A5) 0.08
9% =wExtractPercent(A6) 0.09

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