Excel Security Warning – Macros have been disabled

This Excel tutorial explains how to solve the problem of Excel Security Warning – Macros have been disabled.

Excel Security Warning – Macros have been disabled

This Excel Security Warning is one of the most annoying warnings in Excel. If you click on the Options button, you will see the below message.

In fact, this message does say something about the reason for this alert, it explained that this error is caused by encrypted Macro. What it means encrypted is that the Workbook contains a Macro and the Workbook is password protected.

If you remove the password, the Workbook will not display this message, and you will be able to run the Macro. But this does not really resolve the problem, because sometimes it is necessary to add a password to the Workbook.

Solution – Macros have been disabled

I don’t know if installing anti-virus as suggested in the message box would really solve the problem, but we can have a quicker solution.

Navigate to Excel Option > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Trusted Locations > Add a new location to the folder path where the Workbook locates

Now you can have a password protected Workbook with Macro inside. Unfortunately this setting is configured only in your computer, but not the receiver of the file. If it still cannot resolved your problem, you can click here to view more solution suggested by Microsoft.


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